Necessary Symptoms That Have Been Demonized. Part 2

Fever, runny nose, diarrhea, inflammation and pain are symptoms classified as negative, demonized. That Have Been But, in reality, they carry a biological benefit as long as they appear with the appropriate intensity and duration. The excess of comfort in which we live in Western societies leads to somewhat incongruous situations that, rather than helping us improve our health , worsen it. Nowadays, when someone suffers from any of these symptoms, we tend to do everything possible to suppress them. This prevents biological and bodily processes from following their natural course. Fever It is the body that produces the fever, not the virus. If we are attacked by a virus, the substances of the immune system produce the feeling of being depressed. As well as muscle pain and fever. If we understand that this has correspondence, we need not to move too much or consume too much energy.

We must generate the right chemical

The ideal body temperature to deal with viruses should not exceed degrees Viruses are thermosensitive: at higher temperatures they are weaker and at lower temperatures they are stronger. The body generates such as TNF alpha to Taiwan Phone Number Data raise the temperature and create a more favorable environment for humans and less for the virus. Thermometer The ideal body temperature to deal with viruses should not exceed degrees. If the immune system is healthy , it does not usually exceed this temperature. The problem appears when the temperature has been stopped repeatedly. Then, the body can increase it even more or change strategies. With this, the ability to have a fever disappears. The part of the immune system that is responsible for producing fever is called TH.

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This system is also anti- cancer

If we lose the ability to produce fever, the ability to fight cancer cells also partially disappears . By canceling the main defense mechanism against a virus, in the long run, serious pathologies associat with that or other viruses that we cannot Benin Phone Number List control may appear , since the ability to fight against them is slow down. Having the perfect fever would be equivalent to doing what your body asks of you. Cover up . At first, dress warmly to help your body warm up. A day and a half, at most. Sensation of shivering . Then the sensation of shivering to eliminate heat appears and the body takes measures to lower the temperature. Here it could be useful to take a bath to help modulate the temperature downwards. Hours of rising and of falling, that would be a healthy. If the immune system is healthy and has not been systematically stopp, these mechanisms normally last between and hours. And temperatures higher than degrees are not reached.

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