Try to be open and active during the conference

If they decide to share their knowledge, they will definitely not hesitate to communicate directly with you. Knowing their names, it is worth checking their experience before the event, and even write a short message and introduce yourself. The LinkedIn portal will be the best form of contact here. In such a message, you can also write what specifically you are interested in a given topic, ask a few questions. Interaction between event participants is the key to success. Often, the organizers themselves create special groups in Social Media or events, under which you can start discussions.

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Any communication and prior acquaintance with other participants only works to your advantage. Industry conferences – the basis is to introduce  yourself Remember to have a business card package with you at the meeting, but also refresh your profile on LinkedIn. Increasingly, the digital form of contact reigns Latest Mailing Database during events. During the conference Remember that by participating in the conference you represent your company, so it is worth thinking about the topic of clothing. Sneakers and a hoodie may not necessarily be the best business attire.

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Leave it for a casual meeting with friends Bet on smart casual, but remember you are also supposed to feel at ease. You come for a specific injection of knowledge, so it’s not worth sitting tense because of a stiff outfit. Ask questions, take notes. This is time for you and expanding your knowledge. If you’ve done your Phone Number IT research before the event, it shouldn’t be too difficult. It is worth exchanging business cards with the participants, and it is good to add a few sentences on them what you have learned about your new colleague. Of course, in a business matter The development of technology will make it easier for us to consolidate relationships.

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