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Another great way to create content on the platform is to look for ways you can develop a theme or create posts around a central theme and then develop them into a series. If you plan ahead you will be able to post content on a regular basis while also adding any last minute posts such as flash sales etc. setting up your calendar is also important when your followers are most active. This is the best way to expand your reach and ensure organic engagement. This is because the algorithm ranks posts by recency. When you have a business account you will be able to see the days and times your audience is most active. Go to your profile. Click the hamburger menu and select Insights Select Audience Scroll down to the bottom to see your most active times in hours and days.

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Download the App Optimize Your Profile to Fit Your Business Brazil TG Number Data Your business profile lets understand your brand and how to interact with you. You can add an option for users to visit your website to make an appointment to shop, etc. Phone Number A Well-Constructed Bio When writing a resume for your business it’s important to remember that the user who is reading the resume is already curious about your brand. Attract them with a carefully constructed and well-written resume that shows them why they should become followers of your brand. Your profile can be up to characters long. Use this space to briefly describe your brand and set the tone by showcasing your brand voice. Here are some tips for creating a stellar resume Let’s get right to the point. Keep it short and simple.

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Sometimes the right emoji can convey an idea or add Australia Telegram Number List context without you having to spell it out. Use newline characters. Line breaks are useful for organizing resumes that may contain different types of information. Add a call to action. You can use this space to create calls to action. Want people to visit your website? Let them know why they should do so. Maybe give them a discount code for their first order Set your profile photo correctly When creating an account for your business it’s best to use the same photo you use for your other social media accounts. Most businesses use their logo as their profile picture. Remember that your profile photo is stored in pixels but displayed as pixels.

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