We must pay attention to our digestive tract

Biorhythms, fat-muscle balance, and emotional state to correct this erroneous immune to our digestive system response. Elite Athletes and PNI: The Road to Excellence Elite athletes are driven by a relentless pursuit of excellence. To achieve this, you must work on four main areas: an insulting physical state that avoids injury; optimal post-exertion and post-traumatic recovery; an indestructible mind capable of turning difficult moments into opportunities for growth, and a strong social focus Deep mastery of the field allows you to eliminate toxic relationships or transform them into ones that work in your favor. The approach is ideal for sustaining the process of permanent excellence and is the basis of the Regenera Elite program, which is target at elite athletes who want to push their physical and mental performance to the limit.

Elite Athletes and PNI

If you asked me to choose one word to define the characteristics of an elite athlete, I would undoubtedly say excellence. But I’d like to add a little nuance: it’s not a question of static excellence, nor of a photo in a Kuwait Mobile Database fulfilling moment. It is a dynamic excellence, an eternal development. Elite athletes, in order to be an athlete today and continue to be an athlete in the future, cannot sleep or settle down. You can’t be satisfi with being at the top, and you can’t believe that reaching the top is enough. It must be driven by a relentless pursuit of excellence. This constant path refers to more than just the physical qualities we take for granted. There are other areas that impact your performance and are center around the body and mind.

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The ability to recover is important

But so is the ability to sacrifice. Strength, resistance and immunity to damage are important, but so is mental strength. Which will take you into the competitive arena. In addition, the social and family environment is also a foundation, and its India Phone Number List strength or fragility can determine whether. It is at the top or not. There is a huge for help focusing. Better on work and learning to deploy the necessary energy at the right moment. Bas on my experience working with these athletes, I can assure you that the Psychoneu roimmuno logical. PNI approach can provide the necessary tools to accompany them and they can continue toward the horizon of permanent excellence, which is essential to being able to achieve this goal Crucial. Maintain elite status for many years.

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