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On other profiles your photo will be framed by a circle so you need to take this into account. You will get a link in your bio. If your account has less than 10 followers, the link in your bio will be the only place you can post a clickable link. Be sure to take advantage of it. You can link it to your site’s current activity, your latest blog post, or a special landing page. Include Relevant Contact Information Contact Information It’s important that your business profile includes information on how users can contact you directly. or address. When you add contact information to your business profile a button for this information is created in your profile Call SMS Email etc. Create action button offers also for businesses.

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Allow customers to make appointments. To take advantage Colombia TG Number Data of this feature you need to have an account with one of the partners. On the Business Profile page select Edit Profile and then select the Actions button. Story Highlights and Highlight Covers You can organize stories into collections on your page called Story Highlights. For example, let’s say you run a business that sells products. You could create a Stories Highlights section on your profile that focuses on hair tutorials. Add a little spice by adding a highlight cover after compiling your similar stories into story highlights. Create a premium content palette What’s your aesthetic?. That’s why it’s important to gain buy-in from potential and existing customers. It’s a good idea to try to establish recurring themes that can alternate.

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Note that some themes will be quite obvious

Such as displaying seasonal selections of clothing lines. If your business is Brazil Telegram Number List more service based you can show content such as customer stories or go behind the scenes to give your followers an inside look at what it’s like to work at your company so they see the faces behind the operations. If you want to get inspired take a look at what other businesses are doing on . Even those that are not in your industry. Once you have a plan and a theme decided you will think about what your look should look like. You need to be consistent with your overall aesthetic. Choose a color palette that stays consistent throughout the post. Maybe also use a filter for each photo. This will give your photos a certain feel that makes them identifiable as yours. The most important thing for companies to succeed in taking photos of the stars is on the Internet.

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