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Method of inference – conclusions should be drawn by the sender or the recipient of the message? It should be particularly emphasize here that drawing conclusions too clearly and suggestively does not have a very encouraging effect on the recipient, and often has the opposite effect. The problem is magnifie if recipients don’t have much trust in the sender, or if the conclusions are too obvious. A method of argumentation that is divide into one-side and two-side. A one-side advertising message will contain only these positive features of the product, assuming that there is no nee to inform the recipient about possible disadvantages. This way of argumentation is use when the recipients fully trust the sender.

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On the other hand, in a two-way message, the recipient gains two parallel views, advantages and disadvantages. It is use when sending a message to distrustful recipients or eucate people. Presenting flaws acts like knocking an argument Latest Mailing Database out of hand. The order in which arguments are passe. Strong arguments presente at the very beginning create a surprise effect, while placing them at the very end emphasizes the final word effect. The surprise effect is usually use in one-side arguments, and the last word effect in two-side arguments. The AIDA model in the advertising message AIDA is an acronym for: Attention, Interest, Desire, Action.

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The AIDA model determines how advertising affects the consumer. When creating an advertising message using this technique, you nee to remember that the order plays a very important role. It cannot be freely manipulate, even if it seems Phone Number LT that the final effect will be much better. Attention, focusing the attention of the recipient, consists in using phrases that immeiately arouse interest. Think about how many times you’ve heard an advertisement that starts with the words “we deal with “our company offers”. There is nothing groundbreaking in the fact that a company offers a service or product, so that the recipient’s attention begins to blur at the very beginning.

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