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 Responsibilities of the Database Marketing Manager Manage and update our customer-defined databases and use customer segmentation to define specific segments of the target audience for different marketing campaigns Buy history from the website Sign up forms newsletter subscriptions and other sources collect user data to enter and categorize in the database Analyze contact data according to the customer ’ Habits and Preferences Optimize marketing campaigns and programs

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Plan and execute currency through contact strategy and implement latest database direct mail email and telemarketing campaigns Create and monitor detailed reports to measure the effectiveness of promotions and submit them to senior leaders and propose policy adjustments based on relevant metrics by analyzing different segments of the audience Determine strategies to maximize profits and implement effective sales and cross-selling activities

Accessed from anywhere in the world

 Database Marketing Manager Requirements Years of experience in database marketing or a related field Marketing Computer Phone Number LT Science Database Management or similar areas Bachelor degree with rich knowledge of databases and mapping software such as tools for example Analytical and problem solving High attention to detail excellent organization and priority skills and ability to work on multiple projects at the same time Excellent interpersonal skills

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