Recommendations for the Best AI Digital Marketing Strategy

Recommended Digital Marketing Strategy – AI is short for Artificial Intelligence. This technology was first developed by a scientist named John McCarthy in the s. At that time , AI was developed to be able to replace humans in complex work with standard patterns. However, over time, AI continues to experience rapid changes. Even now AI can do complex work with irregular patterns, such as art. AI is also able to recommend to us many things. One of them is giving us recommendations for the best digital marketing strategies . Yes, this is what MinTiv tries to discuss in this article. Through the well-known AI tool , ChatGPT, MinTiv managed to get the best strategy recommendations.

Recommendations for the Best Digital Marketing Strategies

SEO Marketing SOURCE: CHATGPT In first place is the SEO marketing type of marketing channel. SEO marketing is a website optimization technique so that it appears on the first page of Google. The implementation of this Belgium WhatsApp Number List technique includes keyword research, content optimization, quality link building and others. The metrics commonly used to measure the success of this marketing strategy are the amount of traffic and dwell time . What this AI says is true. SEO is a marketing technique that is able to provide users with maximum ROI ( Return of Investment ) with minimal capital. The main capital required is just a website and quality content.

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Content Marketing

In second place, there is Content Marketing. It’s a cliche, but the recommendations given by AI are true. All business people who start their business in the digital marketing realm must understand the basics of content marketing. Content Bulgaria WhatsApp Number List marketing itself is a marketing process which involves important parts. The important parts are quality content creation and targeted content distribution. There are many types of content marketing that you can run. One of them is a short video . Data from Hubspot says that of consumers want manufacturers to produce more content in video format . Not to mention, you can see the short video trend which is increasingly spreading everywhere, whether on Instagram Reels, TikTok or via YouTube Shorts.

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