What is Public Marketing Relations, its objectives and strategies?

What is Public Marketing Relations – There are many ways that business people can do to run their business. One way that business people usually do this is to strengthen branding awareness by running marketing campaigns. In the marketing campaign itself, there are many methods that can be applied. One of the many methods is public marketing relations. What is public marketing relations? In general, we can understand that marketing relations is a business development strategy. In it there are main strategies, namely pull strategy, push strategy, and also pass strategy.

What is Public Marketing Relations?

Public Marketing Relations is a form of marketing communication that focuses on community or public relations. This form of communication focuses on increasing brand value among the public. To make it easier to call it, we will Taiwan Telegram Number Data abbreviate Marketing Relations as PMR. This PMR technique is related to other marketing strategies , namely relationship marketing . The point is how you build a brand image that is so powerful in the eyes of the audience. Activities such as press conferences, press releases, creating special events for brands, are included in the application of PMR marketing techniques.

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Strategi Public Marketing Relations

As MinTiv said previously, there are strategies implemented in the PMR method. The strategies are Push, Pull, and Pass Strategy. The following is an explanation of the differences between the three strategies; Push Strategy is a strategy Ecuador Phone Number List that uses certain means for promotional media. For example, if you want to create a marketing plan whose main platform is Instagram. You use Instagram as the main media for content marketing . With Instagram, you also focus on serving buying and selling transactions via Direct Messages. What is being done is included in the push strategy. Pull Strategy is a strategy that helps consumer demand emerge. You can do this type of strategy in ways, namely by involving advertising, which costs a lot of money, or by doing cold calling using the customer database.

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