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There are some recommendations that will help you train independently: Own address . This means that you take part in the planning, implementation and learning processes in order to control the direction of your professional path. Reflection . Typical of autonomous learning is that you critically reflect on the process itself, so that you can identify your achievements and recognize the influence of others. Responsibility . As we have said, this is one of the fundamental commitments that you will have to make with your autonomous learning process.

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Motivation . It is essential that you do everything you can to learn. You will see that your will manifests itself through persistence, tolerance and desire to improve. Personal evaluation . It is important that you make an accurate evaluation of yourself. Asking those close to you about your evolution will help you in b2b leads this task. You already know, follow these guidelines that will make you an autonomous student and a successful future professional .There, almost at the end of the 80s, when my country was bleing from all sides, I, still a teenager, finish high school without much hope of achieving success (and I didn’t).

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That opportunity that ucation supposly gives us equally. That ucation that never became flexible (I studi with priests throughout primary school, until third year of secondary school when we both decid to expel ourselves). That banking ucation that standardiz the way of learning and ridicul anyone who did not align – read alienat – with it. That was the ucation (I hope not anymore) that govern those years. My New School (after the expulsion) opens a new route for me in the sense of learning, makes Phone Number LT me critical of why I should approach that topic , that this universality that is impos in ucation (I hope not anymore) is a hoax, a facileness that is fallen into to, perhaps, make the low salary of teachers in Peru more bearable.

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