Segment content with different levels of depth

What are the functionalities for managing marketing projects? Each tool has a different origin, some were created to serve the IT area, others are generic, and few are exclusive to marketing. Marketing processes are more dynamic than other areas, as there are many steps involved in a delivery, with several professionals involved. The flow is not linear, it is common to move steps forward and backward, especially after approvals.

Therefore, some tools have low adhesion and end up not meeting expectations. See below some fundamental features for Segment content Segment content with different levels of depth with different levels of depth marketing management: Organization by workspace (client or area) Separate information by workspace, to group business areas or clients. All information must fall under this classification. This way, it is possible to separate demands by team and analyze the effort and challenges for a given client.


Multiple sources for one task A marketing task can arise through a project, campaign, service or individually by the team itself. Once created, they all compete for the same human resources for its advancement and delivery. What is the origin of a demand in digital marketing Configuring workflows Define the types of tasks and their stages in advance to automatically allocate the professional to each stage of the demand.

Digital Marketing Teams and Professionals

eKyte Teams and Professionals – 01.1 Print from eKyte – Digital Marketing Management Platform Project templates Creation Greece WhatsApp Number Data of Segment content with different levels of depth project templates to allow adding new demands in minutes.

Visual resources for managers to make the final decision. Print from eKyte – Digital Marketing Management Platform Demand visualizations in different formats View demands in a list, kanban, calendar, gantt or workload. Allow export of this data to share with customers.

How to view tasks in Digital Marketing Creative and plan mockup with preview Ready-made forms for creating artifacts for digital marketing, such as social media posts, video and content scripts, and SEO planning.

Management Platform Timekeeping

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Although,  ekyte – creation form Print from eKyte – Digital Marketing Management Platform Timekeeping Control the effort applied to each demand. With the possibility of understanding costs by client, project, type of task, media format, marketing channel, etc.

appointment and productivity digital marketing softwarePrint from eKyte – Digital Marketing Management Platform Malaysia WhatsApp Number List Project Segment Although,  content with different levels of depth budget – planned vs realized Define an expected effort and the hourly cost of each demand.

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