What are the Criteria for an SEO Friendly Website? Here’s the explanation!

SEO Friendly Website Criteria – SEO marketing is one type of digital marketing channel that is chosen by many business people. This is natural considering the large benefits obtained from this SEO marketing strategy . The biggest benefit of course is that it can increase brand awareness on the Google search engine, and also save a lot of promotional costs. Yes, studying SEO marketing is the best solution for you to get maximum RoI (Return of Investment) with minimal effort. In SEO itself there are important methods. The methods are Local SEO, Technical SEO, On Page SEO and also Off Page SEO. The following are the different definitions of these methods; Local SEO – A website optimization technique that focuses on local searches and is familiar with the use of Google My Business. Technical SEO – Website optimization techniques where all the steps are technical. Starting with hosting & domain settings, breadcrumbs, schema markup, redirects, indexing, security checking, redirects, internal & outbound links, discoverability and others.

Criteria for an SEO Friendly Website

Have a clear website structure and design SOURCE: DEVELOPER.MOZILLA.ORG Yes, the first is to have a clear website structure and design. For the website structure itself, there are types of structures that are often used, namely Switzerland WhatsApp Number Data linear structure, hierarchical structure, spoke and hub structure, full web structure and also silo structure. The best type of SEO web structure is a hierarchical structure and also a silo structure. In a clear website structure, there is a layout that is easy to understand. The best website layout generally includes header, navigation, content, sidebar and footer. Content on the website must be divided into several tags so that visitors can more easily understand your content. Dividing content into several tags can help boost the SEO value of your website.

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Prioritize User Experience Value

The second is to prioritize value over user experience. User experience itself is closely related to the way users interact on our website . User experience is closely related to important metrics such as bounce rate, dwell time, page views and Indonesia WhatsApp Number List other similar things. To be able to optimize the user experience side of the website, you need to understand how to produce; Quality content. Clear content structure, there are headings and subheadings to make it easier for visitors to read your content. Easy navigation for visitors, no dead links. Responsive design. This is important because website visitors not only come from desktop screens , but also from smartphone screens. Pay attention to the Important Principles of SEBU What is ABU? ABU is an abbreviation of; Sequence: the order in which the information flows are provided. Emphasis : Emphasis on certain parts of the website . Balance: Closely related to layout arrangement techniques (symmetrical and asymmetrical). Unity: The elements used on the website blend well.

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