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Of elements written in HTML. This CSS functions as a separator between content and its visual appearance on the site. CSS was created and developed by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) in 1996 for a simple reason, namely for formatting site pages. So you already know what CSS is, right? Let’s move on. The following are common CSS errors: Redundant properties The first is redundant properties . Redundant properties are a combination of two styling rules that have the same properties and values. This is done to shorten the code. The mistake that often occurs is that sometimes web developers rarely apply these redundant properties. The following is an example of the correct use of redundant properties. Error in CSS Redundant Properties Not taking advantage of shorthand properties The second is shorthand properties .

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Shorthand properties are CSS properties that allow you to set several values of other CSS properties simultaneously. By using the shorthand property, writing CSS becomes more concise so you can save time and energy. advantage of this shorthand property, which ws data results in the code being quite long. But for those of you who are just learning CSS, using shorthand properties can make you confused because it is quite difficult to determine top , right , bottom , and left from margin and padding. The following is an example of the correct use of shorthand properties. Errors in CSS Correct Use of Shorthand Properties Didn’t set up fallback fonts Next there is fallback fonts . The fountain method is an advantages and disadvantages. The following are the advantages of the prototype method: Shorten software .

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To be backup fonts, if the first font is not available it will use a backup font that has been written in the CSS code. For example, if you have prepared several fonts in your CSS, if the first font cannot be used then the system will check the second font, if the second font cannot be used then the system wil Phone Number IT check the third font, and so on until the system can use the font in the line of code, if all the fonts in a line of code cannot be used, the system will use a generic font . Example of CSS Fallback Fonts Sometimes web developers don’t prepare fallback fonts as backup fonts to use. Here is an example of the correct application of fallback fonts in CSS.

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