If the silver economy were a country

According to data from the INE, almost 8 million people in Spain are between 40 and 49 years old , twice as many are between 55 and 65 years old. The advertising industry’s focus is generally. Therefore, on younger segments of the population, but by 2050, 50% of the population will be 50 years old or older, a factor that brands cannot lose sight of. If the silver economy were a country, it would be the third largest economy in the world.

Segmentation within the Senior Generation

Alcaide proposes a differentiation in the sections of senior life: active senior (between 50 and 65 years old) with life relatively resolved from a financial category email list point of view and attractive characteristics as a client in the hospitality and leisure sector; Senior not active (65 to 80 years old) at work. Active in everything else, very dynamic and in good health. Paco González and Agustín Medina, founders of PRESIDENTEX. Therefore, also participated in the forum. “The silver economy is the golden opportunity for brands,” said Medina. For his part, Paco González pointed out that 51.4% of those responsible for regular household purchases are 55 years old or older.

Myths about Senior consumption

Who is part of the Senior Generation? For companies, there is a lack of definition when it comes to defining these consumers. Another of the Phone Number LT great myths about this generation is its lack of connection to new technologies , but currently it is estimated that 78% of the members of this segment have technological habits, that is, they use technologies for their banking. Therefore, shopping or accessing needs. social networks. Alcaide points out that it is necessary to achieve greater empathy with senior clients, and highlights the need to move away from “ageism” biases in advertising messages. Therefore, it is necessary to “seduce” older people through empathy, closeness, humane treatment and proximity . According to the professional, the marketing approach to the elderly should be based on self-perception.

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