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The keyword with the highest search volume becomes your primary keyword, and the rest become secondary keywords.


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If you only use keyword research tools, you may be ignoring the needs of your potential customers.


For example, there’s an HR technology company that creates a cluster just because ‘cloud computing’ has high search volume in a keyword research tool, even though it doesn’t match their brand or offer any unique value to their audience.


SEO tools can categorize keywords as informational or transactional. This tool can’t provide insight into what struggles searchers are experiencing.


It also doesn’t tell you which features of the product might solve your problem.


Rather than just ranking for random keywords, you should consider your product’s use cases and your customers’ needs.

Speed ​​takes precedence over accuracy

Content Planning

When planning content for SaaS, start by grouping related keyword telephone number lists based on topic relevance. You can create these groups using synonyms, keyword variations, and related terms.

It’s also important to consider search intent. Each group of keywords should have a clear search intent (informational, exploratory, commercial, or transactional).

For example, ‘Sales CRM reviews’ and ‘Sales CRM purchases’ should be on separate pages because they have different search intent.

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Make it look as natural as possible

This is where a lot of SEO gets stuck. The numbers are accurate and easy to fit, but they don’t look natural. What does it mean to be natural? If the Phone Number LT keywords you’re targeting are only searched for on mobile devices, does it make sense to run through desktop CTRs? Or what if you have seasonal keywords or popular weekend topics? All of this is important in CTR. Collect natural data on those keywords. Here are some important things to consider when trying to make it look like a human interaction:

What devices are typically used to search for my keywords?

Are my target keywords seasonal?

Does this keyword have weekend volume?

Which countries usually search for my keywords?

If you follow the points presented and build your campaign with these questions in mind, you will increase your chances of success.


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