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 I use Mail Poet both for subscription Targeted Product forms Your Key and to send newsletters. If you want me to comment a little more on how to make the most of Pinterest, Telegram and newsletters, let me know in the comments . Diversify income sources A few months ago I read a tweet from Servando Silva (who by the way has a Masterclass at SEO Warriors on CPA ) that talked about a very interesting way to monetize: Push ads. Yes, those annoying ads that sometimes appear in Chrome and you don’t even know In any case, as I said above, they are intrusive and aggressive ads. Caution. I do not recommend using them on a website where, for example, you are creating a brand, but rather in a niche where users enter once to search for information and then possibly never return.

Those annoying ads Targeted Product that sometimes appear

It is also not useful on a website that industry email list is just starting or that receives few visits. It would hurt the user experience to make a few cents on the dollar. I also do not recommend that you implement it directly on all your websites. You can try one like I’m doing and then draw your own conclusions. Diversify business types As I told you above, I worked for many years as a programmer. This experience allowed me to take advantage of the pandemic and launch the WordPress Asap Theme template in mid-2020 , an optimized SEO theme designed specifically for AdSense and Amazon niches. Launching this product was quite a challenge for me. I am a niche SEO… I had never sold a product.

Without having a personal brand, without practically

I was even embarrassed to sell. But it was  a success. In two Phone Number LT years we have exceeded 500 clients. Without investment, without having a personal brand, without practically advertising. And this year, a few days ago, I launched Enlazatom , a 1-click internal linking plugin, which I hope works as well as Asap Theme. They are two products that I use, in which I deeply believe and that were born because I needed them myself, and that diversify my sources of income. I tell you this because I think it can motivate you .

Okay, maybe you don’t know how to program, but I’m sure you have some talent or know something that the rest of us don’t. Are you an expert in link building? You can create an e-book and sell it on Forobeta. Do you know web design? You can create an online course and publish it on Udemy. Do you like to write? You can write a newsletter and monetize it. This was my internet story, and I hope it inspired you. If I could make a living from this, since I am what in Argentina we could call an idiot , so can you. Yes it’s hard. Yes, I failed dozens of times. Yes, it took me 10 years.

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