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Make it easy for your audience to become your customers. Include links in your presentation that will help generate traffic to your website so that they can learn more about your company. Include contact details on your SlideShare profile and on the last page of your presentation. The best way to generate leads will be to include the form – it’s best to add it at the end of the presentation. 5. You will take care of SEO SlideShare intuitively extracts the text from the presentation to make the link more valuable. It’s no secret that Google treats the content poste there very favorably in its algorithms, which results in the fact that every month as many as 12 million visits come straight from Google.

Give your presentation

Tips Create high-quality content that includes a lot of keywords . a good title and description, because these are the elements that will be displaye in search results. Note that Google only takes the first 65 characters of the title and 155 characters of the database description. Choose tags and categories accordingly. Also, make sure sharing options are enable on your presentation so your audience can easily retweet it. Also share it yourself on the channels you use. Aneta Glowacka Aneta Glowacka As a Content Manager at Brand24, she is happy to talk about.


The potential of Internet monitoring

What is happening in social meia and discover. Privately, she loves reading books, is a cat lover and a fan of The Witcher. most popular TOPOWA15 – analysis 17 min read Competitor analysis: 5 tools worth knowing 10 min read Social meia monitoring – 9 good Phone Number MX practices [+tools] 13 min read 7 reasons why meia monitoring is important for your business 10 min read 12+ best social meia tools for work 12 min read How to find popular hashtags.

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