The new normal is constant change

Major crises like the one we are experiencing make us swing between fearing the worst and hoping for the best . We go from pessimism to optimism, and vice versa, in intervals of days, even hours. Many times when we are thinking positively, our desire is to return to how we were. It is a totally human reaction. We don’t ask for more, just to be as before. We look for a way to return to familiar territory in which we feel safer and where the current problem does not exist. This same thing happened to us in the 2008 crisis. At first, one of the generalized comments was: “it seems that we are recovering, in a few months we will return to normal” (to the previous state).

But as time went by, we realized that was not going to

The comments became “the previous thing was unreal, we have to get used to the new situation” (the unreal thing was .  Due to how swollen the economy was). It is something similar to what is happening to us now. The current crisis, and the one to come, scares us (yes, let’s call a spade a spade), the level of uncertainty is very high. That is why we seek, even if it is in our heads, the security that the state before the crisis generates for us. But the .  Reality is that we have to accept that the old thing is industry email list not going to return, and we have to find a way to adapt. At the business level, this way of thinking leads us to look for a way to return to a past that no longer exists. And it does not exist not only because it is.  A time before which one cannot return, but because the context has changed.

We cannot hide our heads and wait for the storm to pass. That can't be the plan.

Think about it, really, what is normality? And put it in the context of an economy that is evolving ever faster. The new normal they tell us about has .  Become constant change. And not in a new stage of tranquility. We have to go from the constant search for security and control, to letting go and enjoying Phone Number LT what we find along the way. We have to trust in our abilities and the people .  Around us. Life is full of challenges, that’s what makes it exciting. We usually call this ability to adapt, both personal and business.  Resilience. Although it is a “fashionable” term, it does not quite fit me, because although it does not speak of the ability to adapt to an adverse.  Situation, its own meaning leads us to return to the previous situation. For this reason.

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