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They accompanie every fundraiser. We analyze, for example: pomagamEmiLovi – in a fundraiser for Emil Koryczan, paparak – in action for Michałek Kaliś, uwolnijoczylenki – in helping Lenka Wawrzycka. Hashtags are clearly associate with a specific action. Help to remember it and are willingly use by people who ask for help. Involvement of famous people Each of the surveye collections was supporte by popular and popular television and radio programs, institutions and famous people – celebrities, bloggers, local authorities. collections include.

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Anna Lewandowska , Martyna Wojciechowska , Asseco Resovia Rzeszów , Katarzyna Zielińska , Grzegorz Hyży , Michał Piróg , TVP3 Rzeszów , Lechia Gdańsk , Radio ESKA , Question for breakfast . On these accounts, there were entries with an appeal to support the fundraiser or videos encouraging to help, such as: Kiss Marcelinka , where famous people phone number list aske for a transfer for Marcelinka’s treatment, We remove cancer from Tymek’s eye – Cezik’s song with an appeal for help for Tymek, Good Morning, Piotrus – videos with wishes for a good day for sick Piotrus; Even Real Madrid players took part in the action. Infographics The data in the presente infographic comes from Brand24 and was collecte on May 18. You can see in it, among others, who of the famous people was involve in the fundraisers.

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How much was going on around individual Phone Number IT actions, about them and much more. INFOGRAPHIC_ALL These 10 charity campaigns that we have dealt with of all such activities carrie out in social meia. However, they show how much causative power social meia has. Some of the fundraisers have already been successful, but many children still nee help.

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