The rise of WhatsApp as a business communication tool

Companies to Find Influencers: As advertising costs and inflation skyrocket, many marketers are looking for influencers with an alternative way The rise of WhatsApp as a business communication tool to impact their audience. But finding the right influencer is no easy task. Therefore, companies that manage contracts and find correct profiles and tools that make this connection are growing and receiving investment.

Conclusion Digital marketing continues to change and it is important for brands to stay up to date with the latest trends, which show how the public is behaving. Companies should focus on properly managing available resources and paying attention to developments in digital marketing pillar strategies. New resources and technologies arrive to help with productivity for content creation, personalization of communication and insights into campaign performance.

Companies should focus on properly

There is no point looking at new features such as the metaverse and new social networks when you have inefficient management of basic Cambodia Phone Number Data digital marketing actions. Among the main technologies applied is artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, already very present in the platforms and tools most used by “marketers”.

They help with campaign automation, customer service and content production. In content marketing, the highlight is the use of influencers of all sizes in the strategies of the main brands. Also driven by the difficulty of competing in paid media ( CPC ), which presents increasingly higher values, a large share of investments was directed to influencers. When well planned, this is a path with recognized results – when an “authority” talks about your product/service, interested parties multiply.

Using data to better understand

Cambodia Phone Number Data

Finally, a challenge that is difficult to overcome in most marketing operations is making decisions based on data ( data-driven marketing ). Using data to better understand customer journeys and execute personalized actions is still Argentina Phone Number List rare and restricted to companies that can afford tools and fight for scarce business intelligence professionals. From what I understand these days, most marketing teams have some kind of data-driven problem , either they don’t have enough data, they have too much or, more commonly, they don’t know what to do with it. What to expect from digital marketing in 2023 It’s boring to talk about a very distant future, about things that are not applicable to our plans.

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