The Second Brain? Fake!

Hundreds of times we have heard: we have a second brain , our intestine. How many posts and talks carry this title? Is this statement that everyone talks about today true? Let’s find out with some of the truths and myths about this fascinating topic. In our intestine we have more neurons than in our entire spinal cord. TRUE . In our intestine, 95% of a very famous neurotransmitter called serotonin is formed. TRUE . This serotonin passes the brain’s protective barrier and modulates our mood. Fake . Intestinal serotonin does not pass the blood-brain barrier, although it can indirectly have an effect on central (brain) modulation. It is correct to call our intestine: the second brain. Fake . Yes, although it may sound strange, this last point is not true; and I will justify it below. In an embryo, the neuronal network of the intestine forms before the central nervous system.

Our gut is NOT our second brain

Embryology is the branch of biology that is responsible for studying morphogenesis – the embryonic and nervous development from gametogenesis to the moment of birth of living beings . Well, within the formation of the embryo there is a Netherlands WhatsApp Number Data process called gastrulation. This consists of the creation of the different systems that make up the human being through three layers: The ectoderm , from which the nervous system and the dermis will emerge. The mesoderm , from which the musculoskeletal apparatus, the renal and reproductive system and the cardiovascular system will emerge. The endoderm , from which the gastrointestinal system will emerge.

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Food and managing our feelings will be key to the health of our intestine

Food and managing our feelings will be key to the health of our intestine In the consultation, many of my patients, when they take the reins of their life and take courageous actions to cure themselves, end up telling me: now Xavi, I finally feel Canada WhatsApp Number List peace in my belly. It is not surprising that, in so many health disorders, the intestine is the focus of treatment. And the digestive tract is not a mere hollow tube where something enters through the mouth and then exits through the anus. The digestive system is a psycho-neuro-endocrine-immunological organ , where it is better that what enters does not generate inflammation. That is why food plays a key role in maintaining your health . But let’s not fool ourselves, food is not enough. We will have to take into account what we feel and how we interpret it, that is, we will have to give enormous value to our nervous context. In this video I discuss the wonderful gut-brain axis in more detail.

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