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Let use such as China Japan Russia or India are also intereste in it. In China for example they intend to launch their own small space stations by 2025 at the latest. And in 2035 they will put a 200-ton station into orbit. In short the technology is available. But building the receiving facilities and satellites and putting them into orbit is only within the reach of large country budgets and/or public-private collaboration. Hence we have to wait decades or decades until we see the first satellites in orbit that send solar energy from space to Earth to capture it and convert it into electricity.

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This we will be able to obtain unlimite energy from our main source of heat a way to reuce the damage we inflict on the planet and that affects us directly. Not for nothing electricity generation is in the Unite States alone the second largest cause of greenhouse gas emissions25. vs. 27. for transportation in 2020. How many times photo editor did you draw yourself when you were a childAnd to your familyTo your friendsWe all have. When we are little we are passionate about creating stories and imagining worlds. We start by drawing ourselves our surroundings and the places we dream of. So apparently we weren’t that far from.

Works out in practice

This accuracy has made volumetric production one of the most real human and authentic technologies in the virtual digital environment. For this reason one of the keys to the metaverse is volumetric production and subsequently the creation of an avatar that is as real and human as possible. Although there is the possibility of living the experience without volumetric capture with virtual reality for the metaverse to reach its true potential Phone Number lT real human beings must be introduce into it. For this there is currently only one way out volumetric production. Next we will tell you step by step how to create your avatar in Ready.

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