The success story of Home Facial Pro

You can discover posts from key opinion leaders in recent time periods such as three months. Six months or twelve months. It is also crucial to use tools to check whether the growth of your follower base is genuine or not. In the example trend graph below. The blue bars represent the number of followers. While those lines are for interactions. There is a period of time when the three interaction lines reach the bottom. But the number of followers continues to grow. This is a bit unusual. And brands ne to look more closely at authenticity. Brands can also control the key opinion leader’s level of interaction with followers. Our tool. For example. Classifies levels into a. B. C. D. E. Along with quantifi numbers.

Have a holistic view of the campaign

Step 2: allow kols to showcase their creativity business database after brands select kols to work with. They send them briefs showing how to present the products. A brief is necessary because it ensures that key opinion leaders mention key selling points in their posts. But it is also important that brands give space to kols to showcase their creativity according to the brief. Kols know their followers better than brands. And understand what style and type of content will appeal to followers and make them want to purchase brands’ products or services. If people continue to see the same content while browsing social mia. They will be aware that it is a brand campaign. 

KOL typology Large – Medium – Small

And kol users’ experiences may be consider inauthentic because their posts are sponsor. The success story of home facial pro according to chinese marketing scholar mulan jie (木兰姐). The national brand home facial pro (hfp) is a good example to look at when it comes to understanding how brands leverage briefs to generate better performance in kol marketing campaigns. Hfp was a skin care brand found in 2014. According to statistics from euromonitor. The brand’s revenue grew from rmb 278 million to rmb 2.2 Phone Number IT  billion between 2016 and 2019. And its cagr (compound annual growth rate ) reach 101.92%. What did you do to achieve these results? In addition to catching the trend of highlighting ingrients.

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