Things move forward quickly

Example: 50 best tools social m  ia planning updating evergreen content updating evergreen content content can be evergreen even if it ne  s to be updat   from time to fact. Even if nothing about the facts or ideas includ   in your content has chang  . You may still want to update them periodically to ensure they serve your business as effectively as possible. Create a sch  ule for updating and promoting your evergreen content. If you’re making major updates. Rather than small changes. You may also want to republish the original content so it appears as a new post on your blog.

Things move forward quickly

When you are updating your evergreen Africa Email List content. Ask yourself: have any facts. Processes or best practices chang   since it was written? In some industries. Things move forward quickly: the resources you recommend   or tips you shar   may no longer be as relevant. Can i link to more recent content from this evergreen content? Maybe you wrote a piece on a similar topic or produc   a video a year after your evergreen content went live. Be sure to take the opportunity to link now to relevant pieces you’ve creat  . Or new services or products you offer. Do all the links still work.

Does this piece still fit our brand

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And are they still the best resources to link to? Websites you link   to a couple of years ago may no longer exist. Or they may have chang   their url Phone Number LT structure. New resources may have been produc   that would be even better suit   to your post. Please take some time to update the links if necessary. Does this piece still fit our brand and style guide? Maybe you have a new template for brand images. Or you’re using sentence case rather than title case for subheadings. Be sure to update your evergreen post to align with the rest of your content.

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