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 Lastly, there is a print stylesheet . A print stylesheet is a special style used to print pages, so when a website page is to be printed, you can first.adjust the style using print media. According to CSS users, this print stylesheet does not always have to be used. This print stylesheet is used if you want to print a page on a site with customizations on the page, such as removing the background color , and so on. You need to write this print stylesheet in your HTML. The following is an example of using a stylesheet. Writing the Correct CSS Print Stylesheet So those are some CSS errors that often occur. Which mistakes have you made? Does the use of redundant properties, shorthand properties, fallback fonts, and preparing print stylesheets really affect the effectiveness.

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 Of the work you can reduce the mistakes that often occur in writing CSS. Frequently Occurring CSS Errors – end Also check out several articles including: What is a Programmer? of Website HTML Coding in 15 Minutes Dicoding Blog Easy Way to Create Tables in HTML in 15 Minutes Currently, every computer or laptop must have an operating system on it. Some well-known operating systems that are commonly used are ws database Windows, Linux, and macOS. However, what is an operating system? An operating system is a collection of programs that manage resources and all operations that occur between software and hardware. No matter how good the system is, it definitely .

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Windows Windows was launched in 1985 by Bill Gates who is the creator of Microsoft Windows. As it has developed, Windows has undergone many changes for the better. Following are the advantages of Windows: Runs with maximum performance Complete features Phone Number IT that can support work and daily use Can be used by many hardware devices Popular and has many users Every advantage has its disadvantages. Here are the disadvantages of Windows: Problems often occur with applications for new versions of Windows Frequent performance issues (compared to Linux and macOS) Many virus threats Easy to hack security Linux Linux is an operating system that uses the Linux kernel.

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