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The goal is to make these ads appear to users who perform searches corresponding to the company, product or service offer by the advertiser. You know those results that appear first when you do a Google search ? That’s who I’m talking about! Search Ads This type of ad generally works on a cost-per-click (CPC) basis , meaning the advertiser only pays when a user clicks on their ad. In this case, the amount paid per click may vary depending on the competition for the keywords us and the relevance of the ads to the user’s searches.

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Check out the class on Google Ads that my partner, Lauro Becker, took for our free Digital Marketing course : Google Ads 2. Display Ads Display Ads are similar to Traditional Marketing ads on billboards, but with the advantage that only digital offers us: the user can click on the ad and be immiately taken to a website, landing page or even new data a WhatsApp conversation. Another huge advantage of Display ads is that you can create them using different types of headers, images, and videos. However, instead of the Display being static, an.

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Display Ads 3. Video Ads Display ads are capable of displaying videos, as Display is a type of ad serv on different platforms at once. But video ads are recommend to engage those who are already watching audiovisual content . Video ads But this also does not limit the display of the video ad on relat pages : the video can be display on search pages or even while the user is browsing similar content, for example. 4. Sponsor posts Sponsor posts on social Phone Number LT networks (as happens on Facebook or Instagram ) is the format capable of creating an advertisement with a structure identical to that of a common post.

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