Reduce Visceral Fat to Regain Health

As we saw in a previous post, visceral fat activates our stress axis . In fact, she is responsible. But with the drawback that it is not an acute and punctual activation. It is a state that persists over time, causing problems in our health such as cardiac disorders, hypertension, dyslipidemia and/or type II diabetes. Reducing visceral fat will help us avoid these problems. Let’s see it. How stress is activated by visceral fat The adipocyte is the cell in our body responsible for storing body fat. It has a structure very similar to that of a macrophage -immune cell-. When it becomes “saturated” and is no longer able to store more fat , it begins to release pro-inflammatory molecules. As if it were a call for help. Better if you sleep from than from Although the proposed actions are listed, they all have the same level of importance.

Pathologies that we can avoid by reducing visceral fat

Beyond aesthetics, recovering the abdominal waist is a priority. One way to achieve this is by reducing visceral fat. This way we can avoid health problems that plague developed countries and in what way. These are diseases that, beyond improving UK Phone Number Data thanks to medical advances and the “well-being” society (which would be consistent), worsen year after year exponentially (the world seems upside down). We are referring to cardiovascular pathologies -angina pectoris and/or myocardial infarction-. Also to cerebrovascular pathologies such as stroke, neurodegenerative pathologies such as Alzheimer’s, autoimmune pathologies or allergies and cancer . Surely any of us has seen someone around us suffer due to its increasingly high incidence among the population. Half the world dies from abundance, while the other half dies from famine, quite a paradox.

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How we should reduce our visceral fat

Move on an empty belly. This means first thing in the morning or four hours after the last meal. Only this situation allows your body to use fat as a source of energy (Betaoxidation). We also recommend that the exercise be with a certain Sweden Phone Number List oxygen deficiency, which forces you to leave your comfort zone. Move 3-4 days a week. Eat foods and avoid products. Eat fruit, vegetables, tubers, meat, fish, seafood, eggs, olive oil and nuts. Do not eat more than 3 times a day. The opposite implies that you spend the whole day digesting. Every time we eat we activate the parasympathetic system, concentrate blood in the intestine, produce insulin and block beta-oxidation. Hydrate with water. Avoid alcohol as a rule and also reduce or eliminate coffee. Sleep 8 hours and ensure that your hours of sleep are close to the solar biorhythm.

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