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Cons of demand-pull inflation the cons of demand-pull inflation for the economy include: increas prices: to higher prices and lower buying power as consumers try to purchase goods with their money. When demand exces what is consider normal. It creates too many dollars chasing after too few goods which lead to demand-pull inflationary pressures such as rising interest rates or a weak dollar. Increas inflationary pressures: while demand-pull inflation might increase job opportunities in the short term. It will lead to demand-pull inflationary pressures eventually. Such as rising interest rates or a weak dollar. This can cripple an economy if left uncheck. Distorts the value of the dollar: with prices constantly changing during this period. It becomes difficult to interpret what the dollar is actually worth to consumers.

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Pros of demand-pull inflation the asia email list pros of demand-pull inflation for the economy include: adjustments in wages:  occurs. There can be an increase in wages for positions on the lower end of the pay scale. In order to keep up with what many consider to be a “Living wage.” this is clearly a positive for those workers. Increas jobs: increas demand creates more jobs and higher wages in the short term. This could be short-liv. However. If consumers’ demand starts to dwindle with the higher pricing structure. Stimulates the economy: the fear of price increases can have a short-term stimulation of the whole economy as it encourages consumers to buy now.

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 For example. When a new iphone is releas Phone Number lT there becomes an immiate demand for a case that will protect that phone. When iphones were fairly new. The number of suppliers making these cases was few. Which meant the demand often outweigh the supply and people paid more than they might be willing to pay today. While these are the main three causes of demand-pull inflation. It can also be trigger by things like government spending. An increase in printing money. Or asset inflation when a currency is undervalu. Pros & cons of demand-pull inflation demand-pull inflation can stimulate the economy and be a sign of high rates of employment from the general population. However. It also causes an increase in prices and can increase borrowing costs. Let’s dive into the major pros and cons of demand-pull inflation a bit more closely.

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