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Marketing Sherpa is a must-read for analytical and proactive marketers. 10. Advertising Age Advertising Age Marketing Website Advertising Age is a well-establishe company that has grown and evolve with the industry. Starte in 1930, Advertising Age covers marketing aspects as heavily as it does straight advertising, focusing exclusive sections on B2B marketing, digital marketing, and agencies. Honorable Mentions We wante to keep this list succinct. Because who doesn’t enjoy a top 10 list, but there are a few honorable mentions that should also feature high on your website or email subscription list as a marketing professional.

 Marketing Week Marketing

Week is the place to go for in depth, thought provoking ideas around marketing. Their drive is to help you “step out of the everyday and step up into your career. The website puts out articles about the latest marketing news.  Trends and analysis, in a fun and appealing way. Marketing Week Website The site is very visual and once you start. You won’t even notice time flying as you read the articles. Marketing new database  Brew Marketing Brew is powere by Morning Brew. A meia company base in New York City who pride themselves on serving up. The latest news from Wall St. to Silicon Valley. Marketing Brew Website Whether you want to bookmark it as a favorite Or sign up to their newsletter delivere 5x times a week. Marketing Brew will provide you with all the important marketing and advertising news available. Everything you nee to start your day.

Digiday is a combination of providing

Meia and marketing news but adding a twist of.  How technology plays a role within these industries and even disrupts it. Digiday Marketing Website Digiday  Phone Number LT takes a global view of the industry, you can keep across their content over several channels including web, email,podcasts, or virtual and in-person events. If podcasts are more up your alley, their self-title ‘Digiday Podcast’ is poste weekly and goes through the big stories and issues impacting brands, agencies and publishers. Or if tech within fashion and luxury industries are of more interest, they also have a weekly podcast calle Glossy. 

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