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Make it possible to target the right audience, at the right time. Many companies, both small and international, do not hesitate to entrust their webmarketing to a web agency. How and why has this option gained momentum in recent years? Contents [show] What is the role of a web agency? A web agency (See the Definition of a web agency) is made up of professionals who put their various expertise and skills at the disposal of companies wishing to develop, nurture and evolve their digital presence. We find, for example,


the project manager the data analyst


the web designer, the Namibia Email List backend developer, the frontend developer, the quality assurance tester, the natural referencing specialist, the webmaster, the Belarus Phone Number List devops, or the community manager . Thanks to these specialists, a web agency has a wide enough range of offers to deliver personalized and comprehensive support in terms of digital communication: Data analysis and digital


strategy design; Advice ; Definition of personas, user paths, UX and UI design; Creation and redesign of websites (showcase, e-commerce, marketplace) Creation of mobile applications and web applications; Web maintenance and hosting; Digital Marketing ; Writing of optimized content; Etc. This list of expertise is not exhaustive, but one thing is certain: a web agency has two main objectives, namely to offer a listening


ear and a relevant understanding of each client


in order to create an optimal user experience. Gain skills without increasing your budget In the context of the company, expenses can quickly climb, for example, when it comes to investing in the licenses necessary for the use of software. In the context of web marketing, the bill can very quickly climb in front of the different options available to work on its visibility. In addition to all its expertise, the web agency already has all the professional tools for digital strategy.

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presenting a fluid, understandable image that is accessible to everyone. This requires both very high quality content and modern graphics, in tune with Phone Number LT current trends or a site with  perfect ergonomics. In the absence of specialized skills internally and within the framework of a controlled budget, a web agency provides all the techniques, tools and technologies necessary to concretize your digital needs. With clearly defined

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