Want to know what the benefits are for you?

With agencies playing a key role not only in strategic consultancy but also in practical execution , ensuring an impactful online presence Want to know what the benefits are for you? and tangible results. By offering measurable benefits and a comprehensive view, it becomes a catalyst for success in online spheres.

However, the real difference lies in the dynamic performance of agencies whose role goes beyond strategic consultancy . By being actively involv in execution, these agencies not only shape strategies , but also achieve tangible results and build an online presence that is not only impressive, but truly transformative for companies that dare to explore the full potential of digital marketing.

Want to know what the benefits are for you?

That’s why we carry out periodic follow-ups between the area manager and the Human Resources department to encourage employees to apply the content they learn. During the first 90 days at the company, conversations are monthly, with the Experience Contract Assessment as support and, subsequently.

We have quarterly monitoring with the Performance Assessment and completion of the PDI. These tools are being migrat to our USA Phone Number Data people management platform, Sólides, so that there is even more efficiency throughout the development process. For the experience contract, we focus the evaluation mainly in relation to the company’s values ​​and future potential.

Performance Assessment and completion

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During Performance Assessments and completing the PDI, we are able to align with each employee the points to improve, the positive points Honduras Phone Number List and the next steps so that they can reach the next level. These conversations play a significant role in skill development, and we are proud to witness the progress over time.


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