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disadvantages that will guide your choice according to the final objective of your site. Of course, not everyone asks for the same fees and this will inevitably influence the famous question: how much does a website cost? The web agency, a guarantee of quality? The web agency is the most common service provider for an advertiser who wishes to create or redesign his website. If it is a guarantee of quality and experience, we are forced to note all the same that the agencies are not the cheapest players on the




 market This can be explained in different ways


The teams are highly specialized and the Oman Email List skills are in high demand. It is therefore a skilled workforce. In the case of a webmarketing or Albania Phone Number List digital strategy agency, the answer will necessarily be more complete than the creation of the site. The agency will think broader by integrating work on the environment, web strategy and areas of commercial conquest. The added value 




offered by an agency is above all there! Instead of seeing a site as an isolated entity, it will see it as part of an overall system in which this cog will work in synergy with the other parts. This means that you have to think about the site well in advance of development to anticipate related webmarketing developments and actions. Our advice: prefer an agency for sites with high added value such as e-commerce sites or tailor-




made sites. For a simple 10-page showcase site


it’s a safe bet that the agency will not be competitive with other players. Freelancers, the choice of price Many Freelancers have launched themselves into the web in recent years. By definition, the freelancer works alone, but in fact, it is not uncommon for several of them to work in networks to mutually complete their offers. They are necessarily less expensive than an agency except in a few special cases on specific skills. However, they remain a good opportunity for companies. 

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Nevertheless, find out about his Phone Number LT own skills.  in natural referencing or in  strategy. So do not hesitate to look at the references and previous experiences that will give you a more critical look at the latter’s abilities. Our advice: a web freelancer can have great skill in one area. Attention, in the context of the creation of a website, the skills required are multiple.



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