How do we get sick?

We feel bad, we go to the doctor and we trust he will tell us what is wrong. But the normal thing is we stay there and diagnose. We don’t stop to think that this diagnosis is the end of the road we’ve been on without realizing it. Often, there is an inflammatory process behind what we are told we suffer from, such as hypothyroidism, type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular pathology, and more. inflammation? You might think of inflammation as something that happens when we get injured. Immediately after we sprain, we experience edema, redness, heat…but there is another type of low-grade inflammation. This inflammation can affect us unconsciously in our health. There are four mechanisms that influence it: The state of your digestive tract: Your eating habits are very important in ensuring that your digestive tract is in better or worse shape.

What matters is what and when you eat

What you eat and when you eat it. All of these can have an impact on the appearance of symptoms such as bloating, gas, constipation, explosive diarrhea, etc. An imbalance between muscle and fat: When we start to accumulate fat Israel Mobile Database in the body, the fat cells that form adipose tissue are unable to store more fat. Then they get sick and start releasing inflammatory molecules in our bodies. When coupled with a sedentary lifestyle, we see lower muscle mass. This creates an imbalance between fat and muscle and can also promote inflammation. Emotional state: Long-term and sustained stress can also lead to disease. In fact, chronic stress is thought to be as linked to cardiovascular disease as smoking. Insufficient body biorhythms: Lack of sleep affects our immune system. In the long term, it can also increase the risk of obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Evolved Mechanism Inflammation is an evolved mechanism.

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Its function is to warn the immune system

That something is wrong. In principle, this mechanism is designe to function in alarm situations. Such as fractures, invasion of certain microorganisms… In these cases, the inflammatory response must be short-live, rapid and intense. But we’re talking Ivory-Coast Phone Number List about a different inflammatory environment. Let’s imagine that our defenses are like police officers who take action during a conflict. What would happen if these police officers were forced to patrol hourly? What if you have to be constantly vigilant because we constantly sound the alarm because of our eating and sleeping habits, or because of our stress? They may feel tired and more vulnerable. They may be confus when identifying enemies. There will no longer be a brief, rapid and powerful response to inflammation. Instead, it will be a low-grade inflammatory response: persistent, silent, and imperceptible in its initial stages. Low-grade inflammation is a precursor to more serious pathologies in our health.

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