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 I still remember the afternoon, almost half a year ago, when the school principal enter our classroom to introduce us to a new classmate. Her name was Bertha if I remember correctly, but what I think no one would forget is that she was mute, and logically, in a classroom of teenagers, the vast majority with behavioral or learning problems, this was a time bomb that would not take long. to explode. And it explod. We became friends, we learn their sign language, we work collaboratively, we went to parties, we present in all the courses and we surviv high school.

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 Nostalgia returns because in recent years UDL (in Spanish Universal Design for Learning ) has been talk about as one of the new options in ucational centers, and which I inadvertently defin at the business email list beginning of my writing: The Universal Design of Learning. Learning (DUA) is a teaching model that seeks to eliminate barriers in pursuit of “learning to learn”, considering a flexible and modifiable model that considers all students without any difference between them, promoting the development of each one’s skills. of the students with the use of different strategies that aim at the understanding and learning of all.

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 This model, which was inspir by Architecture (spaces accessible to all), is what we want to bring to a classroom: teachers who understand the diversity of students and who are flexible in their teaching methods, and logical, too. of evaluation. Be careful, we are not talking Phone Number LT exclusively about students with physical difficulties of some kind, nor about students who necessarily have an attention or learning deficit. We talk about students in general, none of them are the same, and therefore finding the strength of each of our students is, I know, a very difficult task, but urgent and necessary.

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