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As I said above, the athlete has to act in different areas that have an impact on his performance, often without can we do him realizing it: Insulting the physical level: On the physical side, we have to break the fatigue paradigm. “I can’t take it anymore”, “I’m going to get here”. Within elite sporting settings, a range of beliefs have been develop that lead us to mistakenly believe that injuries are inevitable. Athletes themselves or their coaches say this and it is amplifi by the media to the point where we think their physical abilities are lower than they actually are. But this is a limiting belief, and as you already know, at PNI we fight them. One of the areas that must be addressed in this fight is low-grade inflammation. A metabolic condition that exists in many athletes without even suspecting it. To correct this problem, we must first work to normalize the microbiome, biorhythms, diet, fasting periods and then optimize.

Using these PNI tools

We discover that the biological capabilities of the human organism are far beyond what was imagine today. Because, without using these tools, athletes can only reach their potential. What are the consequences? Physical load Malaysia Mobile Database during the season can lead to muscle injuries, tendinopathy… But current opinion – amplified by journalists who have never been elite athletes or use their bodies to their maximum potential – leads to the belief that injuries are inevitable , you have to rest, rotate…especially in football. This is not true. Because, through the correct use of PNI, non-traumatic injuries can be reduce or. How do I achieve excellence? Utilizing my body and elevating it to an insulting physical level allowe me to minimize non-traumatic injuries. Super Toughness: Elite athletes must be able to recover in record time.

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When we talk about post-effort recovery and post-trauma recovery

A Post-exertion: Tissue regeneration and repair don’t just depend on what. We call metabolic compensation; they also depend on having excellent metabolic flexibility. To achieve this, we can adopt a refined-food-free diet and fast Luxembourg Phone Number List at specific times during training and competition. These two tools promote faster recovery after exercise. One player needs three days to get back to his level, while another with good metabolic flexibility can recover in – hours. b Post-traumatic: When a traumatic stimulus occurs – a sprain, a bruise. A series of inflammatory processes are activated that are entirely physiological and rely on an efficient and effective immune system. Research at Resoliomics allows us to understand that when this immune system works in a good way, recovery is much faster and does not leave sequelae in the form of fibrosis in the tissue or possible Limitations that lead to permanent relapse.

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