What is a Tagline? and how does it affect marketing?

What is a Tagline – When implementing a content marketing strategy, there are definitely many how does it things that you must master. One of the many things you must master is how to create an interesting tagline . Yes, a tagline is an important part that must be formulated well at the start so that it can describe the aims and objectives of a brand. A tagline is one of the main weapons that can be to make an advertisement appear more attractive. It’s easier to remember, and ultimately makes it easier for brands to get opportunities for word of mouth marketing. A marketing strategy where a brand is very in the daily conversations of the target audience. Unfortunately, being able to create an attractive tagline that can provide you with benefits like that is not an easy matter. You have to start the journey from the beginning. Starting from understanding what a tagline is, benefits, types, and after that how to create one.

What is a Tagline?

A tagline is a short sentence intended for branding activities for a business. Taglines have a vital role in influencing the image of a business. Short sentences that are interesting and easy for the public to understand will certainly help your business branding be easy to remember. The criteria for a good tagline are that it is easy to remember, easy to pronounce, and also easy to understand by various Brazil WhatsApp Number Data consumer characteristics. Unfortunately, the use of taglines is often. Taglines are often the same as slogans. Even though both taglines and slogans are two different things. Slogans are in the form of short sentences, but their use is more to advertise a product. An example of a slogan can be found on an educational institution’s brand , “Go to college?…, Just BSI!!”. Also Read: Recommendations for the Best Fonts for Logos Meanwhile , taglines, even though they are both short sentences, are more to represent a brand. For example, the online motorcycle taxi brand , namely Gojek , with its tagline “There must be a way”.

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Benefits of Taglines for Business

Talking about the benefits of taglines for business, of course there are many. But here MinTiv will only explain general benefits. Starting from; at Strengthening Identity. The first benefit is the tagline which functions to Kenya WhatsApp Number List strengthen brand identity. An example of the tagline There is a Road from Gojek which aims to strengthen Gojek’s identity as a solution for finding a motorbike taxi that can take you anywhere. Looking for someone who will deliver you food when it rains heavily. Want to send goods to a friend’s place because you are busy and so on. Can Describe the Brand’s Vision and Mission. The next benefit of a tagline is that it is able to describe the brand’s vision and mission. Still using the example of the tagline from Gojek again. Yes, from Gojek itself, their vision is to help improve Indonesia’s transportation structure and make it easier for people to carry out their daily work. The tagline “Definitely There is a Road” clearly describes Gojek’s ability to do that. They really provide a way for us to be able to enjoy transportation just from a smartphone, shop for daily necessities and so on.

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