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Influencer marketing: what is influencer marketing and

how to launch a campaign? March 8, 2021AuthorGuillaume Bulgaria Phone Number List Malta Email List Fleureau influence-marketing-campaign.png Influencer marketing or Influence marketing is an innovative marketing strategy that involves establishing a series of collaboration between brands and people with visibility or notoriety on the Internet, called “influencers” or “content creators”.


The value of these influencers lies in their loyal community (captive audience) and engaged on one or more social networks such as Instagram. Some of them, like the famous Youtubers, have channels that have thousands (and in some cases even millions) of subscribers. Contents [show] What is an influencer? It is obvious that these social media personalities are real diamonds in the rough for brands, because it is


possible thanks to them to expose products or services to a large

number of people in order to quickly make a brand known and therefore to strongly stimulate sales. We can distinguish 3 main types of influencers: Celebrities: Most are public figures from fields such as sport, television, music, cinema… They usually have hundreds of thousands or millions of subscribers (followers) in networks such as Facebook, Twitter , Instagram or Youtube.

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representatives. Influencers: Without having the volume of the biggest celebrities, they are generally users with a large number of subscribers (more than 50,000). Although Phone Number LT in influencer marketing, what matters is not the quantity, but the percentage of interaction (engagement) that their posts generate. They  are generally much more accessible than the first in terms of prices. Micro-influencers: these are users who have a great ability to influence on a very specific subject or area. They don’t necessarily have a huge following,

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