Who do you want to reach with

Display advertising and Display & Video 360 DV360. DV360 is a Google service through which it is possible to buy advertising spots outside of Network. Expert content on the products features and their advantages and benefits on the companys website has been found to be an effective combination with keyword advertising. With the help of comprehensive expert texts. Google can index the website as useful for the customer when he uses the search engine.

Influencers were us to evaluate

With the help of YouTube advertising. the products features at an business email list earlier stage of the purchase path. The same influencers can be us by asking them to compare two or more products in the same category. And by placing ads at the beginning and middle of the videos that support the purchase and the customers preferences. In telephone sales. according to Google research.

Points with the consumer

the use of YouTube advertising increas phone sales by 31.5%. Google Display Phone Number LT advertising and Display & Video 360 increase touch points with the consumer. making the product easier to remember. As an example in the sale of phones. according to Googles research. the use of Display advertising increas the sale of phones by 12%. The image below is an example of how Google us Display advertising in the advertising of its Pixel 4a phone.

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