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It is therefore your business performance and your turnover that are at stake. You have now been warnd that we do not mess with SEO! Tip: Analyze the structure of your old site Before launching headlong into the rdesign, take a breather and take the time to analyze your old site so as not to make the same mistakes again. You will be able to determine the importance of the different pages and check that there are not already old rdirects. Take the time to analyze the existing Tip Optimize your tree structure.

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You are certainly not going to take over the structure of your old site, you want change! You will therefore take the opportunity whatsapp mobile number list to modify the structure of your site in depth, in particular by thinking about its tree structure and its markup . What is the risk if I don’t listen to the lesson? Losing the good positioning of your pages linkd to your old site or not having your new pages indexd. Tip Take care of your content A real opportunity to rethink your ditorial strategy, you must bear in mind that your new site must provide new relevant content that will meet the demand of Internet users.

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Improving content also allows you to clean up your existing content and delete those that are no longer of interest to Internet users. This is Phone Number LT self-evident, but we remind you that any duplicate content is severely punishd by Google law! What is the risk if I don’t listen to the lesson? Fall in the ranking of Google results and for the most unlucky be punishd for content duplication Tip4: Make rdirects Very important, this is THE basic advice for any SEO during a rdesign. A new site often requires changing the URL for the whole site or for part of the pages.

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