Why Weight Loss Diets Fail

I have been surprised for a few days by the number of people who come to my office still suffering Loss Diets from the consequences of bad vacation habits . Eating is an indisputable pleasure. And in many of us, the imposed or self-imposed repression of this pleasure produces a significant increase in the desire to consume what is “forbidden.” Vacations are the ideal time to relax. Thus we forget previous resolutions – such as diets to lose weight – thanks to a small justifying mantra “we are on vacation” and we allow ourselves to lose control. We have fallen, as the great psychologist Giorgio Nardone would say , into one of the most common psychotraps. Control until you get out of control.

Effects derived from being on a diet to lose weight

There is devastating data on how profoundly this behavior affects human beings. A study conducted by psychologist Traci Mann compares the effects of dieting or not by following thousands of individuals for years. More than 80% of the USA Mobile Number Database subjects subjected to weight loss diets ended up obviously overweight. While more than 70% of those who were not on a diet returned to normal weight parameters . That is, according to this study, being on a diet makes you fat. Therefore, if the experience of dietary changes is very restrictive in these weight loss diets, it is likely that when we relax we will overcompensate by losing more health and gaining more weight than we had before the changes.

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Oscillating between overweight and normal weight

These are two of the most common mechanisms for us to become part of the yo-yo club. If we oscillate between overweight and normal weight depending on the degree of self-pressure we impose on ourselves: 1. Focus on repression Afghanistan Phone Number List and the negative. Set a goal focusing on repression, on the negative or “everything I like makes you fat , is illegal or is immoral. Many times we seem to forget something obvious. If we can, our body prefers to enjoy than suffer. Setting a goal based on avoiding pleasant things is attainable for a while. But at the same time it is very energetically expensive and it is likely that, when we relax (vacation), we succumb to “temptations”. 2. Addictive foods. We live surrounded by foods that our brain pushes us to consume even if we need them.

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