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 I use Mail Poet both for subscription forms Your Key and to send newsletters. If you want me to comment a little more on how to make the most of Pinterest, Telegram and newsletters, let me know in the comments . Diversify income sources A few months ago I read a tweet from Servando Silva (who by the way has a Masterclass at SEO Warriors on CPA ) that talked about a very interesting way to monetize: Push ads. Yes, those annoying ads that sometimes appear in Chrome and you don’t even know when you signed up.

Telegram and newsletters Your Key let me know in the comments

You may think they are rubbish, but top industry data wait, I can tell you that by implementing push ads I increased the income of a website by almost 30% very easily. The company I use is. For now I am only using it on a single website, the one that receives traffic from Pinterest that I had before, and it is generating almost 200 USD per month just with this way of monetizing. capture Earning with push ads This website generates about $700 a month with  so implementing  meant an increase in income of approximately 30 percent .

Hours or days later you receive the push notifications

The downside is that push notifications Phone Number LT are quite intrusive. Once a person subscribes, they receive multiple ads per day. However, push ads are not displayed while the user is browsing your website. You subscribe on your website and minutes, hours or days later you receive the push notifications that will make you earn money. This has two great advantages: For one thing, users generally don’t associate the push ads they’re seeing with your website . They won’t know they signed up there and they won’t hate you for it. The other advantage is that since they do not appear on the web together with your AdSense ads, but afterwards, they do not clash with each other and do not violate any policy.

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