How to create a Webinar to increase your sales

In this post I want to explain to you how you can hold a successful sales Webinar . That is, I want to reveal all the secrets so that you can set up your webinar with strategy, and succeed. I mean that you can increase sales for your business. Have you thought about How to create creating an infoproduct? Have you created an online course but can’t sell it? With the pandemic, the launch of infoproducts has skyrocketed, there is no doubt about this. But let me tell you, many have launched using the Webinar format, but without a strategy .

Define the objectives

Keep reading because I want to tell you in a practical and useful way how to configure your webinar with a plan that helps you achieve your objectives 1. Define the objectives Although it seems obvious, I have encountered clients who were not clear about the executive data objective of the Webinar. And I mean identifying very specific objectives that help us measure whether we have achieved what we set out to do. First of all, define what you want to achieve, what is the real objective of the Webinar? Example; Sell ​​50 course places within 2 days of the Webinar (economic product) Get a list of 10 people interested in the program within 2 days of the Webinar (high value product) .

Define audience and investigate

Define audience and investigate You don’t have to forget to identify who this Webinar is for . Specify the audience you are going to address. A buyer persona file so that your strategy and actions are more effective. Example; People who need a change of Phone Number LT profession, with concerns, and desire for a personal and professional How to create transformation (Example: sale of a Coaching service or advice). Women, 35 to 45 years old, upper middle class. People with a physical store who want to take a leap into digitalization. With a little research we go further, and webinars are no exception. 

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