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A scraper provides Annual revenue Company headcount Company headcount growth Headquarters location Industry Number of followers Department headcount Department headcount growth Fortune Technologies us . Annual Revenue This filter allows you to filter accounts bas on the estimation of their annual revenue given by Linkin. For that they use: Information from the web Extrapolations from Linkin data This is not always reliable. annual revenu search filter For example, Lemlist publicly announc they reach M$ ARR and Linkin classify them between .

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Nnual revenue seo expate bd linkin filter . Company Headcount Like on the lead search, you can filter companies bas on the number of people working in it. company headcount search filters . Company Headcount Growth This filter is super useful to find growing companies in good health. You can for example target companies that grew at least % over the last year. company headcount growth Remember that this growth is calculat on the headcount, not the revenue. To be really precise, the number is taken from here: headcount growth linkin filte.

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Filter allows Phone Number lT you to target companies bas on the location of their headquarters. headquarter location search filter . Industry This filter allows you to target accounts bas on the industry. They have select on their company page. Company industry search filter You can see this info here: industry account linkin filter . Number of Followers This filter allows you to filter companies bas on their numbers of followers. followers sales navigator filters The only use I can see for this one is to only select companies with at least followers. That’s can be a sign that they have a legit business. Company pages with more than followers might be manag by people without the budget to pay you. . Department Headcount If you sell a product or a service that target specific departments in companies like Accounting.

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