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2021 which will provide 20,000 coding learning scholarships for young Indonesian developers. Now at IDCamp 2021, Indosat Ooredoo. Has opened registration for fellow developer facilitators . Who want to share their expertise and guide developers . Participating in the IDCamp program so that they graduate on time and well. Today we announced the selected Facilitators to assist IDCamp 2021 Scholarship participants in completing their chosen classes. The selected facilitators for the 2021 IDCamp Scholarship are as follows: Name City of Domicile Selected Learning Flow Ahmad Saifur Ridlo Sidoarjo Android Developer Ahmad Sufyan Tsauri East Lombok Android Developer Budi Darmawan Depok Android Developer Eko Pujiyanto Depok Android Developer Fani Abdullah Tasikmalaya Android Developer Febian Joshua Reynara Toba Samosir Android Developer Fikri Yurcel Milano Bantul Android.

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Android Developer Irpan Samarinda Android Developer Kylix Eza Saputra Blitar Android Developer M Mikail Alexander Firdaus Brebes Android Developer Muhammad Nur Yusri Maulidin Yusuf Makassar Android Developer Muhammad Yaqin Jombang Android Developer Steven Pematangsiantar Android Developer V Wahyu Septiadi Magetan Android Developer Dani Daniel Cianjur Front-End Web Developer Eko Muhammad Rilo Pembudi Surabaya Front-End Web Developer Farhan Rafly Fahrezi Saepulloh whatsapp database Bandung Front-End Web Developer Fiqri Ardiansyah Medan Front-End Web Developer Firly Afriansyah Bekasi Regency Front-End Web Developer Nuresa Graphics Cirebon Regency Front-End Web Developer Muhammad Zidan Khalil Gibran Surakarta Front-End Web Developer Nico Bogor.

Regency Front-End Web Developer

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Novi Adi Triswandi Padang Front-End Web Developer Pauziah Bogor Front-End Web Developer Ocean North Jakarta Front-End Web Developer Steven Lie Medan Front-End Web Developer Tatang Garut Front-End Web Developer Yuanda Hanif Hisham Bandar Lampung Front-End Web Developer Yudistira Arya Mutamang Poor Front-End Web Developer Alikhsan Central Jakarta iOS Developer Ari Supriatna Phone Number IT Banten iOS Developer Dwi Randy Herdinanto Bandar Lampung iOS Developer Ihwan Dede Yogyakarta iOS Developer Muhammad Izzuddin Al Qassam South Jakarta iOS Developer Windy Pekanbaru iOS Developer Fahmi Jabbar Bandung Machine Learning  one is suitable for you. Advantages and Disadvantages of Each Operating System – end Also read the following optional articles.

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