Profitable Ramadhan Business Ideas, Businesspeople Must Know!

Profitable Ramadan Business Ideas – Ramadan is coming soon. In this holy month, Muslims around the Must world will fast completely for month. Fasting itself is a worship activity in which a Muslim is obliged to refrain from anything that breaks the fast. Starting from sunrise to sunset. One thing that breaks the fast is eating and drinking. Even though in the month of Ramadan your food and drink intake automatically decreases, that is not a strong reason for you to be lazy. Especially for those of you who are a businessman.

Profitable Ramadan Business Ideas

Selling Islamic Books SUMBER: GOOGLE IMAGES The first profitable Ramadan business idea is selling Islamic books. Yes, in a month where people are prohibited from eating and drinking, reading is certainly one of the favorites. By taking Singapore Telegram Number Data advantage of the fact that Indonesia is a country with the largest Muslim population, it is not impossible that this business idea will really be profitable. Especially if the book you are selling has a language style that is attractive to the right audience. Especially at sahur time, where the recommended sahur time is close to dawn. If someone is just going to cook or look for food at that time, of course it will take a lot of time. Ordering a catering service that is ready to deliver fresh food is certainly a wise choice for them to make.

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Selling Worship Equipment

The second is to sell worship equipment. Yes, it is forbidden for us to do activities that invalidate the fast plus there is relief for those who do worship in the month of fasting, the reward will be doubled. It will certainly motivate people to Nigeria Phone Number List actively worship. As a businessman, you can see this as a business opportunity. Where you can sell worship equipment such as mukenas, prayer mats, peci, Muslim clothing and others. The third is to open a catering service business with breakfast and sahur menus. This kind of business strategy is suitable for those who are office workers. Who might come home in the afternoon and not have time to prepare their opening menu.

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