Step by step to create an Inbound Sales Machine

What is the biggest misconception regarding SEO? The main thing is to think that SEO is a purely technical issue. Thinking that you just Step by step to create an Inbound Sales Machine have to change the site’s tags and the job is done. It is a much more complex strategy that, once started, cannot stop.

You always need to do SEO because Google keeps updating its algorithm. There is no point in tweaking the website and leaving it optimized and stopping. It will be left behind. You must regularly monitor changes in search engines to attract more organic hits. What are the main mistakes that clients make in SEO? The villain of most websites is the fact that they are heavy and slow.

Take texts and product descriptions

Generally, it’s a simple thing to fix, like image size. An e-commerce , for example, that uploads a heavy photo believing that the quality will be better. Of course, the photo must have a good resolution, but it cannot compromise the Indonesia WhatsApp Number Data website’s loading time. A slow page makes the client fall behind competitors in terms of SEO.

Often, just adjusting the website’s images helps to improve the website’s positioning in search engines. Another basic mistake clients make in SEO is copying and pasting other people’s content.

Take texts and product descriptions from other websites, for example. Do large websites also make basic SEO mistakes? Yes, definitely, it happens often. Every now and then you come across websites from big players that, for example, didn’t even fill in the “title” tag. Big ones also make small mistakes that can compromise SEO. SEO is like an Olympic athlete: you win in the details.

How to work around them?

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When you save on loading or write a better title, SEO improves. The care with specific actions is what makes the client stand out. How to deal with heavy websites or programming complications? Depending on the website’s limitations, this could compromise SEO. Often the website platform itself prevents some actions.

The ideal is to always explain to the client how far you can go with the work and that it is necessary to focus on other aspects to balance the work, especially those related to content. Now, if the website is very complicated to work with, it may Brazil WhatsApp Number List be necessary to create another one, even though it is something that may take time. How to deal with serious SEO failures and how to work around them? When SEO is not planned, a lot of positioning and traffic is lost.

The main thing in this scenario is to recover as much of what was lost as possible. It is necessary to analyze the access history and check which pages generated the most traffic. It is often possible to bring back the traffic you had by checking the changes that have been made.

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