What are digital platforms and how can they help you

Artificial Intelligence or AI, as it is also known, is an area of. Therefore, ​​technology that is dedicated to creating systems and machines that have the ability to execute performed by human beings. Therefore,  That is, it is a kind of “imitation” of our intellectual capacity, being able to develop skills such as making decisions or  , for example.  This technology uses complex algorithms to process  and recognize patterns, in addition to Machine Learning to refine it. Now that you know what Artificial Intelligence is, we are going to present our interview with Adnan Boz. Keep reading!


What is a digital platform and what is it for

These tools include natural language processing. Therefore, to generate  image and video recognition for company data content moderation, and sentiment analysis to understand audience. Therefore, reactions.  Additionally, AI-powered analytics help creators track the performance of their products, identify, and make data-driven decisions to improve their content strategy and expand their online presence.


How can virtual platforms help you in education

Platforms such as YouTube, Instagram,  Patreon and Substack use Artificial Intelligence Phone Number  LT algorithms to better associate content with. Therefore, users’ preferences and interests, taking the content consumption experience to a more attractive level.

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