You Just Need to Include a Few Key Elements in Your Template


An effective logo should remain timeless. It should not reflect the latest trends or be outdated. Having a timeless logo saves you the resources and effort it would take to rebrand your logo every few years.

A good example is Coca-Cola. This logo was created by Frank M Robinson in 1886. He used a flowing style and two Cs because he thought “the two Cs would go well with advertising.” The result was a timeless and recognizable logo that is still used today. Coca-Cola has gone through several rebrands, keeping its iconic script intact and making only minor changes, such as adding color or rectangular frames.

4. Versatile

Logos should not be considered individually, but rather within your overall branding strategy. Is the logo available in multiple color schemes and in black and white? What about in other media? Would it look good printed on small business cards, or would it look good sprinkled across the front of a store?

Create content tailored to your target audience

Let’s take a look at Google’s logo. Google uses a sans-serif typeface that is easy to scale and adapt to different sizes. They also all have a unique color scheme that makes them easily recognizable as Google brand, even if they are to fit other products (Gmail, Maps).

5. Appropriate

Finally, an effective logo must be relevant and appropriate telemarketing leads to the company’s values, image, and products/services. It must convey your brand voice and identity and align with your target audience.

An example is Baskin Robbins. The brand vibrant pinks and blues to match its fun, childlike branding. This is a great fit since you sell ice cream and your target audience skews young. In contrast, luxury brand Cartier kept its logo simple and elegant with clean cursive letters. This was to convey the brand identity of elegance and sophistication.

Establish clear content marketing goals

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Designing your logo according to these principles will help you create a Phone Number LT successful small business logo that will grab the attention of your customers.

How to Create a Logo for a Small Business

Now that you know the basics of good logo design , let’s take a look at the step-by-step process of actually creating a logo.

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