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I can’t advise on how the service in question checks the blogs or whether it checks in any way. Search engine optimization And of course, search engine optimization should not be forgotten. This is an effective, but lengthy way to get readers to your blog. But be prepared that you may have to wait 3 to 6 months before Search Engine Optimization starts properly.  61.3% of weekly readers come via Google. It is the biggest channel through which people find my blog. How to blog anonymously Joining as a reader How to blog anonymously The blog should definitely include the option to join as a blog reader. This is possible at least on the Blogger and WordPress platforms. Of course, this will only benefit you after you first get readers to visit your blog once.

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But if the content is good and useful, visitors will join as readers before long. And these are the people who also start sharing content with others through social media platforms. My blog has a slightly new data different opportunity. If you wish, you can order just the blog posts to your own e-mail. So you only get a notification when a new post has been published. The subscription form can be found in the sidebar of my blog, or if you  bottom of the page, after the posts. Acquisition of income with anonymous blogs Let’s assume that you have tackled all the above challenges. I take my hat off to you for your persistence and congratulate you on a great job.

Read my blog on a mobile device, it will appear at the very


At this point we get to thinking about how on earth an anonymous blog can be monetized… Commercial collaborations are out of the question, because for that you have to reveal yourself to partners and the invoicing program ( / You must provide your own information to affiliate networks and programs, at least from a tax point of view. Without Phone Number LT tax information, affiliate networks and programs cannot bill commissions to you. Even invoicing via Paypal is no longer possible anonymously. After all, you need a credit card to get a Paypal account until the end (don’t believe me, it’s just for fun). Recommending other products is out of the question for the same reason as commercial collaborations.

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