What is WhatsApp Blast & How to Optimize It?

What is WhatsApp Blast – WhatsApp is an application that allows users to send messages and calls to each other simply, safely and reliably. Can be download to mobile phones worldwide for free. At least that is what WhatsApp defines directly on its official website. This application is the biggest reason why people are starting to rarely use SMS. In fact, if MinTiv tries to ask, when was the last time you SMS to chat with your friends?, the average answer given is “It’s been a long time since you used SMS. Yes, the sophistication of WhatsApp and the low cost of contacting other people (only using an internet connection) are the reasons why this application is so popular. Even though WhatsApp ‘s appearance is very simple, in fact WhatsApp is effective in being for the customer journey process , especially in the conversion of customer decision certainty.

What is WhatsApp Blast?

WhatsApp Blast is a feature of the WhatsApp Business API, allowing you to send mass messages simultaneously without having to save user numbers first. This feature is very effective in reaching more WhatsApp users at once. “Then, what is the Malaysia WhatsApp Number List difference between WhatsApp Blast and WhatsApp Broadcast? Can’t they both be used to send mass messages simultaneously?” WhatsApp Broadcast does allow you to send messages in bulk. It’s just that the limit is limited to people in your contacts. This is different from WhatsApp Blast , where you can send messages in bulk without fear of existing limits. There are many other terms that accompany WhatsApp Blast , such as WA Blast, WA Blaster, WA Blasting and also WA Bulk Sender.

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How to Optimize WA Blast

Broadly speaking, there are two ways to use WhatsApp Blast. These ways are official and unofficial. Official – Is a way to use WhatsApp Blast through official partner services rather than the WhatsApp API. Usually the official Nepal WhatsApp Number List partners of the WhatsApp API already provide other WhatsApp Business API features such as Green Tick or WhatsApp Bot. Unofficial – Is a way to use WhatsApp Blast through applications or software that do not come from official WhatsApp API partners. According to the method, optimizing WA Blast using this method carries a high risk of accounts being and also data leaking. From here, you definitely want to run WA Blast optimization using the official method. Following are the steps you to carry out systematically; Set up a special WhatsApp number for your business needs.

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